YAKINDU Statechart Tools
User Guide

What are YAKINDU Statechart Tools?

YAKINDU Statechart Tools is a modular toolkit for developing, simulating and generating executable finite-state machines (FSM) or simply state machines.

Installing YAKINDU Statechart Tools

SCT features an intuitive combination of graphical and textual notation for modelling state diagrams.

Editing statecharts

Discover how to edit (create, copy, delete) statecharts, transitions an hierarchies within your state machine. Edit graphically, with the build in Editor UI.

Simulating statecharts

Simulate your statechart model with ease. Raise events manually or have events being triggered automatically and observe the statechart model’s behavior.

Deep C/C++ Integration: Integrating your C/C++ source code with your state machines

The Deep C/C++ Integration feature allows using C/C++ types, variables, and operations directly within the statechart model.

Statechart language reference

The statechart language is used to describe statecharts. It consists both of graphical and of textual elements. Learn how to use it.

Generating state machine code

Learn more about which code generators YAKINDU Statechart Tools supports out of the box and how to set up, run and configure a code generator, to fit your needs.

Test-driven statechart development with SCTUnit

Learn more about test-driven statechart modelling and how to use SCTUnit to develop your statechart model step by step using a test-driven approach.

Searching and navigating in statecharts

The larger the model, the greater the need to quickly search for particular elements. This section explains how to find, for example, states with a given name or name pattern, occurrences of a certain variable, and more.