YT Overview

The YT Overview view displays a live impact analysis graph by showing artifacts that are related to the current context. A double-click on an artifact node in the graph opens the artifact in its corresponding editor.
The zooming can be adjusted by the icons Zoom in, Zoom out, Zoom to fit, Zoom to original size, and Auto Zoom to fit in the toolbar of YT Overview.

Using the menu, you can invoke a couple of operations:

  • Setting the depth of the shown graph.
  • Switching the context definition:
    • Current selection: YT Overview calculates a graph consisting of the last selected artifact as „root” and all artifacts linked to this root with a distance that is not longer than the chosen depth.
    • All traces: YT Overview always shows the complete trace graph. Selection and depth are not considered.
  • Displaying directed links only (links outgoing from the selection until the specified depth) or displaying all links (incoming as well as outgoing).
  • Defining an exclusion filter. This is a blacklist of artifact types. Artifacts of these types won’t be shown in YT Overview.

Learn more about directed versus undirected links in the blog post "About bidirectional traceability, link semantics and a toggle button".