YT Selection History

The main intention of the YT Selection History is to assist the user in the creation or modification of links. It is a supportive view for the YT Editor.

The YT Selection History provides a list of the recently selected artifacts (with the most recently selected artifact at the top). „Selection” means either the artifact representation in YT had been selected (e.g., by clicking an artifact in the YT Explorer or in the YT Overview) or the artifact had been selected outside YT in its specific editor (e.g., in MS Excel for an artifact residing in an xls file). Additionally, you can select (single click) or open (double click) artifacts directly from the YT Selection History. To avoid „flickering”, selecting an artifact inside the YT Selection History does not affect the order in the history list.

Each artifact in the list is displayed together with buttons to add an artifact to the Artifact A or Artifact B section of the YT Editor. The button de-/activation depends on the state of the YT Editor. YT will, e.g., disable the „Add to A”-button if the artifact already resides in the Artifact A section, or if the artifact type does not match the type of other artifacts residing in that section.

You can also select several artifacts and then add them at once to the Artifact A or Artifact B section of the YT Editor by pressing the corresponding icon for any one of them. This is only possible if your selection contains artifacts of just one artifact type. Artifacts in your selection which cannot be added at the moment (e.g., because they are already contained in the Artifact A or Artifact B section) will be ignored. In the case that you may only add one artifact, only the artifact for which you click the icon will be added and the others will be ignored.

In the example shown above, „R Module A:1” is already in section B of the YT Editor. Hence, its „Add to A/B”-buttons are disabled and the artifact „R Module B:1” of the same artifact type may only be added to section B as well. Artifacts of the other artifact types „EA Java Classes” and „TestCases (Excel)” may be added to section A because they can be linked with artifacts of „Requirements (Excel)”. The remaining artifacts are of different types that are not linkable with „Requirements (Excel)”.