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Updating itemis CREATE


  • Below version 5.2.0 CREATE is not compatible with Eclipse versions 2023-03 or higher.
  • From version 5.2.0 CREATE is only compatible with Eclipse versions 2022-03 or higher.

To check whether a new itemis CREATE release is available and to install it, please select the Help → Check for Updates menu item.

Selecting "Help → Check for Updates" in the main menu

Selecting Help → Check for Updates in the main menu

If Eclipse finds any software items to be updated – not just itemis CREATE –, it will guide you through the process of updating them. Generally Eclipse has to be restarted afterwards to have any changes take effect.

You can configure Eclipse as follows to automatically check for updates:

Select the Window → Preferences menu item. The Preferences dialog opens.

Go to the Install/Update → Automatic Updates section. Here you can configure whether and when Eclipse should check for updates and what to do when it finds any.

Configuring automatic update

Configuring automatic update