How to install more code generators

The code generators listed in this chapter are not part of our official product bundles as their are currently in a beta phase. This means that you need to install them separately if you want to use them. The easiest way is to use the generator model wizard and select Install More… This will list all available code generators that are not yet installed.

Alternatively you can follow the standard Eclipse plugin installation procedure to install generators from the itemis CREATE Labs update site.

  1. Open Help > Install New Software ... from the menu.
  2. Select the itemis CREATE Labs entry from the Work with: pull down list. If there is no such entry then
    1. Choose Add
    2. Enter in the Location field and optionally choose a name.
    3. Press OK.
  3. Unfold the top level node and check the Qt/C++ code generator feature.
  4. Finish the installation wizard by choosing Next > until finished.
  5. Restart.

After restarting the workbench the generator will be present.