V release (VM5 1.1.2235)


Doors Adapter Logging

The Doors Adapter will now log the name of the Module it is currently loading. This makes it more easier to identify Doors Modules that have unusual load times or produce unexpected errors while loading.

Doors Next Adapter – Baseline Support

The Doors Next Adapter is now capable of dealing baselines.

EA Adapter – Add support for filtering based on inherited ports.

The EA Adapter now supports the filtering of model elements which inherit ports from their super type.

Configuration – Improved syntax proposals for double quotes

All configuration languages have been revised, so that the proposals for double quotes are now consistent. So that it is more intuitive for users.

Default settings – Show unlinked artifacts is now enabled by default

We changed the default for hiding/showing unlinked artifacts in the YT Explorer. The new default is that unlinked artifacts are shown.

Adapter Codebeamer – Icon update

The Codebeamer now has the correct icon.


Reporting – Data Sets can now be edited when YAKINDU Traceability is not running

It was not possible to edit Data Sets for report designs when YAKINDU Traceability was turned off.

Under certain conditions not all links where fetched for global configurations.

Suspicious Links Quick Fix for Excel File

When quick fixes where applied to Excel based artifacts, a bug in third party library could cause a corruption of the file.

Configuration – Chaining String operations

Chaining a large number of String operations could cause a loss in performance. This has been fixed.

Navigation to Doors Next artifacts should now work as expected under all circumstances.