W release (WM5 1.1.2248)


Delta report in batch mode

It is now possible to execute a delta report during batch mode.
In order to perform a delta report as part of the batch run it is necessary to provide the second snapshot via parameter. This is then compared with the current state of the project.

Application updated to newer eclipse

The version of the eclipse platform was updated to 2022-03 which includes many bugfixes and UI improvements.

Doors adapter

If modules are opened by DXL attributes it was possible to get resource urls with ‚doors.view’ parameter. In batch mode all modules are opened in standard view now and urls are view independent.

Enterprise Architect Pro Cloud support

The EA Adapter now fully supports the Enterprise Pro Cloud.

Enterprise Architect support for long tagged values

In Enterprise Architect tagged values can only store a certain amount of characters. It is however possible to include longer tags using the <memo> notation. YAKINDU Traceability is now able to resolve these references.


Improve error reporting in batch model

In some cases, the query link provider reported errors during batch mode, which are no actual errors. This has been fixed.

Welcome page was not always visible

When the content of the welcome page was not available this could have led to an empty welcome page. Now the previous version is shown instead.

Support rare UTF-16 characters in snapshots

Some rarely used UTF-16 characters were not handled correctly. This has been fixed.

Eclipse CDT adapter

For parsing errors in batch mode the error message is improved and contains details about the cause now.

Excel adapter

Some cells with specific format led to an error in the data extract if they were relevant for the configuration.

When performing quickfixes for Excel artifacts, we now check whether the referenced cell exists.

Doors adapter

Progress reporting caused an exception sometimes and interrupted the data extract. Now all modules currently in progress are reported without again.

Integrity adapter

It could happen that a 4-byte UTF-16 characters in the name or description of an item were split and the adapter got disabled because of an invalid character in the name. All bytes of these characters are considered as one unit now and all are kept or trimmed together.