With itemis SECURE, it is possible to write custom scripts like queries and model transformations. Scripts can be entered in the console window or saved as part of the project using user scripts.

Note: You should only consider using this feature if you are familiar with Java/Base-Language.

Console and Terminal

The console window can be opened from the main menu ( View → Tool Windows → Console) or by pressing Alt+F11. By default, the console window can be found in the bottom-left corner of the screen:

The console is a good place to enter small scripts for quick model inspections or changes that do not need to be saved or shared with others. Scripts that you might want to re-execute in the future should be saved as user scripts (see below).

User Scripts

To add a user script, right-click in the project explorer, and select New Roots– → _UtilitiesUser Script__. You can enter your script code in the same way as in the console window. Click on _Run to execute your script.

Note: User scripts are using APIs that are not guaranteed to be stable.