Native File

Data access

The „native file” data access is a link storage. It uses a file in the workspace to store and maintain links created by YT.

Files used by the native file data access are in a proprietary XML format and can be maintained in source code management systems like CVS, Subversion, or Git – just like any other project artifacts.


Open the YT configuration with the YT configuration editor, and add a new data access as described in section "Data accesses". Select Native File as data access type.

The workspace path to the file has to be configured. Additionally, a file can be protected by applying the readOnly option. Writing operations are not allowed on such files, which means that it is not possible to create, update, or delete any links in a read-only file.

Supported keywords:

  • file – Defines the file to be used as a link storage. The filename extension must be .yt.
  • readOnly – Specifies to use the file in read-only mode.


file "/my_project/conf/"

In this example, link data are stored in the file, which is located in the conf folder of the my_project project.

If the data file does not yet exist, it will be created automatically. The same holds for the folder path, if any. If the specified project does not exist, you will be asked if this should be generated automatically.

The following example shows a read-only link storage file:

Links are stored in a native file if you assign a Native File data access to a link type.

Suspicious links validation is done by comparing the artifacts' current versions to those stored in the link. If there is any difference, the link is suspicious.