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The SC Simulation perspective

The SC Simulation perspective provides selected views that are most useful when running a statechart simulation.

Engaging the SC Simulation perspective

When a simulation starts, the perspective usually changes to the SC Simulation perspective. If this doesn’t happen, you can manually engage the SC Simulation perspective as follows:

  • In the main menu, select Window → Perspective → Open Perspective → SC Simulation.

Alternatively, you can do the following:

  • In the main menu, select Window → Perspective → Open Perspective → Other…. The Open Perspective dialog appears.
  • In the Open Perspective dialog, select SC Simulation.
  • Click on Okay. The SC Simulation perspective opens.

Views contained in the SC Simulation perspective

By default, the SC Simulation perspective shows the following views:

  • Project Explorer (top-left): This view displays your workspace and projects, folders, and files contained therein. You can also use the Project Explorer to inspect the internal structure of your statechart models.
  • Outline (bottom-left): This view is a bird’s eye view on the opened statechart. It also indicates the current viewport for better orientation in large models.
  • Simulation (right): This view shows the current state of all variables and events during a simulation. A detailed description is available in section "The Simulation view".
  • Breakpoints (right): This view shows a list of all breakpoints. You can use it for disabling, enabling, or removing breakpoints as well as for defining conditional breakpoints.
  • Snapshots (right): This view contains all snapshots with their respective names and timestamps.

Displaying simulation progress in the statechart editor

The SC Simulation perspective also includes the statechart editor. In a running simulation, the statechart editor highlights active states by coloring their backgrounds.

When a transition is taken, the transition arc leading from the source state to the target state flashes briefly in the transition highlighting color. After that, the target state becomes active and changes its background to the state highlighting color. The source state’s background color becomes normal again.

The "SC Simulation" perspective

The SC Simulation perspective