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Starting a simulation

You have several options to start a statechart simulation.

Using the statechart model file context menu

The most direct way is to start the simulation based on the statechart model file.

  1. In the project explorer view, right-click on the statechart model file. The context menu opens.
  2. In the context menu, select Run As → Statechart Simulation, see figure "Selecting Run As → Statechart Simulation in the context menu" .

Selecting "Run As → Statechart Simulation" in the context menu

Selecting Run As → Statechart Simulation in the context menu

Repeating the last simulation

In order to re-run the simulation you have most recently executed, simply

  • press [Ctrl+F11] on the keyboard


  • select Run → Run in the main menu.

To be exact, this operation does not necessarily re-run the last simulation, but rather the last executed launch. So if, for example, you first run a statechart simulation followed by running a Java program, then upon pressing [Ctrl+F11] that Java program is executed once again, not the statechart simulation.

Repeating an earlier simulation

Let’s consider a scenario where you want to execute a simulation that you have run before, but not as the most recently executed launch. So you cannot use the procedure described in section "Repeating the last simulation".

However, as long as you haven’t launched too many other programs in between, chances are good to find your simulation in the history.

Try the following:

  1. In the main menu, open the Run menu and move your mouse pointer over the Run History entry.
  2. A submenu attached to the Run History menu entry opens, containing the most recently executed launches. Check whether the simulation you want to execute is available in the submenu. If it is, select it to start the simulation.

Creating and executing a launch configuration

When a statechart is simulated for the first time, a launch configuration is automatically created. A launch configuration describes the parameters used for a particular launch. In case of a statechart simulation, it describes which statechart is to be simulated and the simulation mode (event-driven or cycle-based). For details on how to create and modify a launch configuration, see section "Configuring a simulation".

To execute an existing launch configuration, proceed as follows:

  1. In the main menu, select Run → Run Configurations…. The Run Configurations dialog appears.
  2. The list on the left-hand side of the Run Configurations dialog displays all available launch configurations. Select the launch configuration you want to execute.
  3. Click on Run to execute the launch configuration.