Microsoft Visual Studio

Artifact type


Supported options:

  • resource – File filter pattern
  • subset metaclass – Filter elements by meta class
  • subset namespace – Filter elements by namespace
  • subset stereotype – Stereotype filter


resource *.cpp
    subset "includestmt"
    subset "class"

In the above example, only class and includestmt code elements (defined in subset patterns) in all files with a .cpp extension (defined in resource pattern) can be valid for tracing. This adapter supports files with following filename extensions:

  • .h
  • .c
  • .cpp
  • .vb

and the following subsets:

  • includestmt
  • namespace
  • class
  • function
  • variable

For reading the current selection and opening an artifact in Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Professional (or similar versions – not the Express editions), an add-in for the traceable document must be installed.

The required add-in files ( *.AddIn and *.dll) can be found in the following location after adapter installation:

  • Eclipse Installation Path/traceability/plugins/vs2013

These files should be copied to:

  • UserHome/Documents/Visual Studio 2013/Addins

Add-In installation/registration:

In the Visual Studio environment (select Extras → Add-In-Manager from the menu bar) the first and second checkbox should be checked – restart needed!

Detailed information on installation and registration can be found here:


An artifact’s version is used for suspicious links validation. Artifacts of this type do not provide a version.