Syntext Serna

Syntext Serna is a „what you see is what you get” XML editor for Windows. YT’s Serna adapter is a specialized version of the XML adapter, so please refer to the XML adapter documentation to learn about its configuation. YT is able to propagate selections directly from and to Serna, but it is necessary to install a small Serna plug-in and to configure the path to the Serna executable.

Plug-in installation

The Serna plug-in can be installed by copying the directory traceability/scripts/YTSernaPlugin_py from your YT installation directory to the plugins directory of your Serna installation. To check the installation, open Tools → Preferences… → Plug-Ins within Serna, and check if the YT plug-in is activated.

The default port used by the plug-in to connect to the YT TCP server is 1234. To choose a different port, modify the variable TCP_PORT in the file in Serna’s plug-in directory appropriately.

Please note: As the multiprocessing module is not available in the Python version of Serna, logging of multiprocessing information is disabled by the plug-in by setting the logging.logMultiprocessing to 0.

Configuring the Serna path

It is also necessary to configure the location of serna.exe in YT. This can be achieved by going to Window → Preferences → YAKINDU Traceability → Adapters and then providing the path to serna.exe in the "Location where Serna editor (serna.exe) is installed" preference.