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YAKINDU Statechart Tools 3.5.12 (Jun 15, 2020)

This is mainly a bugfix release, containing the following:

  • Fixed some scoping issues when using C++ namespaces in C++ domain statecharts. In particular, elements from namespaces that are split over multiple files are now properly accessible in the statechart.
  • Fixed an issue in the C code generator that resulted in a duplicate type cast.
  • Improved performance when validating SCTUnit files. Especially for larger SCTUnit test classes, the performance improvement is significant.
  • Fixed an issue when opening the generator model wizard without selecting a file.
  • Fixed handling of guard expressions in statechart entry and exit reactions.
  • Fixed an issue when time events were used in regions without inner states.
  • Added the ‘Send Feedback’ option also to the Standard Edition.


In this release we also put some effort in improving the SCXML integration, containing the following:

  • Update to latest Apache Commons SCXML Engine.
  • Several bug fixes, especially for handling Choice and Synchronization nodes.
  • We also added various validation rules to ensure that the modeled statechart can always be transformed into valid SCXML.