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YAKINDU Statechart Tools 3.5.8 (Oct 10, 2019)

This is mainly a bugfix release, containing the following:

  • Fixed a bug in the C++ code generator where namespaced elements were incorrectly accessed in the generated code.
  • In some use cases, overloaded functions could not be properly used in the statechart model. This is fixed now.
  • Fixed import resolution of C domain statecharts located in linked folders.
  • Command-line code generator (scc) now also works when the project name in .project file differs from project’s folder name.
  • In the Java domain, it is now possible to use arrays. Although it is not yet possible to directly initialize them in the statechart model, you can initialize them by calling a Java operation, for example.
  • In Java domain statecharts, you can now also import code from JARs that are located in the same project.
  • Besides bugfixing, we also continued to improve the usability of the Statechart Tools products. In this regards, we have started to clean-up several menus and toolbars from rather useless, distracting items. This is an ongoing process and will be continued in the upcoming releases.

Example Wizard

We have restructured the examples from the example wizard and added new ones. Please make sure that you update your examples (click on Update button in example wizard) in order to benefit from the new structure. In particular, we added new examples to explain some more advanced statechart concepts like histories, statechart hierarchies, orthogonality and our execution schemes (event-driven, cycle-based, parent-first, child-first). In addition we added new simple examples for code generation in C, C++ and Java.

New examples and new example structure