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YAKINDU Statechart Tools 3.5.3 (Mar 29, 2019)

This release adds in-event queue support for C and Java code generators as well as some usability improvements.

In-event queue support for C and Java code generator

Similar to the C++ code generator, C and Java code generators now also support an additional event queue for incoming events if the statechart is event-driven. To enable it, set the inEventQueue option of the GeneratorOptions (in Java GeneralFeatures) to true. If an operation callback or function is executed by the state machine and that function raises an event, this event will be appended to the in-event queue. The state machine’s API will remain unchanged. After the origin event was processed, all events in the in-events queue will be processed automatically in the order they were raised.


We added two more buttons to the simulation view to easier restart simulation runs:

  • Symbol: Terminate and Relaunch (Terminate and Relaunch) : Terminates the current simulation and runs it again from the start
  • Symbol: Restart (Restart): Starts a new simulation while keeping the current one active

The generator model now suggests a quick fix in case the specified target project does not exist:

Quickfix for changing project name


In addition, this release contains the following changes:

  • Fixed handling of transitions with multiple exit point specifications
  • Fixed a bug in C# code generator regarding operation calls to react methods
  • Fixed a bug in C code generator causing the RequiredHeader.h to be not included when tracing is activated
  • C++ code generator now uses strcmp for comparing strings
  • The Java domain now also takes interface methods without explicit public modifiers into account