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itemis CREATE 5.2.1 (December 22, 2023)

This release contains the following changes:

  • Added new generator option timerServiceTimeType for C/C++ code generators to configure the data type used for time values processed by the timer service. So you can now configure e.g. to use uint64_t. For more information please see the corresponding documentation.
  • All APIs which handle time values now use the new type sc_time for C and C++98 and sc::time for C++11 and C++/Qt.
  • This includes the return value of the time_till_next_task function in the Timer Service have changed from sc_integer to sc_time. The default value of sc_time is the same as the value of sc_integer. For more information please see the documentation for the generator feature timerServiceTimeType.

Additionally these issues were fixed:

  • fixed image generator failed for C/C++ domain statecharts
  • fixed bug related to overflow large 32bit time event values
  • removed unused C# generator options
  • fixed exception raised during handling test covearges