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YAKINDU Statechart Tools 4.0.6 (Apr 16, 2021)

This release contains several bugfixes:

  • We fixed a memory leak in event-driven C++ state machines.
  • The SCXML code generator now also generates a documentation attribute containing the statechart elements' documentation text.
  • We fixed a few issues with handling packages/paths in the Python code generator.
  • The image generator now also works for state machines that contain errors.
  • We fixed an issue with generating post-fix expressions in a multi-statemachine scenario.
  • Using the ‘submachine’ keyword now also works for cycle-based statecharts.
  • Using ‘isStateActive’ in SCTUnit tests for multi-statemachine scenarios produced invalid code in Java and Python. This is fixed now.
  • We fixed an issue when deleting statecharts that still run in a simulation.
  • We fixed some issues with the simulation highlighting.
  • Disabling the SCT features in the license preferences now also prevents the license website to open on startup.