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itemis CREATE 5.1.1 (August 11, 2023)

This release contains the following changes:

  • Fixed editor issue: Proposal does not work properly in right hand side in BinaryExpression.
  • Fixed validation issue: States which are part of a transition cycle are not detected as unreachable if the whole cycle is unreachable.
  • Fixed validation issue: Validation fails with NullPointerException on uncomplete ‘raise’ statement.
  • Fixed SCTUnit issue: In mock operations string parameters were not validated correctly (“The value type string:literal doesn't match the return type string of the operation”)
  • Fixed SCTUnit issue: Type inferrer is too strict for ‘proceed’ values.
  • Fixed SCTUnit issue: Type inferrer complains about string literal assignment.
  • Fixed SCTUnit isse: Validation of missing enter statement must be warning instead of error.
  • Fixed issue: Type checker accepts enumeration types where only enumerators should be used.
  • Fixed issue: Type inferrer does not match identical types if namespace is specified differently.
  • Fixed C/C++ domain issue: Sporadic inference errors with CycleBased annotations.
  • Fixed C/C++ domain issue: Access of function defined by class and refered by smart pointer does not work.
  • Fixed C/C++ domain issue: Access to members of structs defined within structs is not generated correctly.
  • Fixed C/C++ domain issue: “.value” property returns BaseType instead of actual type
  • Fixed C/C++ domain issue: C char array defined in imported C code are not correctly handled a C strings.
  • Fixed C++ generator issue: TimerTask::TimeBased::pt_evid may be used uninitialized.
  • Fixed generator issue: State machines referenced by internal variables in multi state machine scenarios are not correctly subscribed for relevant events.
  • Fixed issue: Statechart state enumerators include namespace in name.
  • Fixed issue: ‘isFinal’ method contains redundant code which may lead issues with static code analysis.
  • Fixed issue: Interpreter (simulation) does not process payloads correctly in some cases of CycleBased execution.
  • Fixed issue: Interpreter implementation of state machines isStateActive method fails if final states are used.