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itemis CREATE 5.2.0 (November 2, 2023)

This release contains the following main features:

  • Improved C# code generator. It is now part of the product, so there is no need to install it separately via the update site. In addition to statechart code generator also a C# code genrator for SCTUnit is now part of the release. The C# code generator has release candidate status. Most statechart and SCTUnit features are supported except for statecharts using multi state machine modeling feature and teh SCTUnit mocking features. If you find any bugs or just have an idea or observation please don’t hesitate to contact us!
  • Introduced html reports for SCTUnit tests and extended coverage handling. It is now possible to export the coverage report that produced upon SCTUnit test runs. It can be exported in different formats and can be accessed in an interactive way through reactive HTML site that can be generated from the SCTUnit view.

Additionally the following issues and bugs were fixed.

  • Fixed editor issues regarding: region resizing and handling subdiagramms
  • Fixed editor issues regarding: proposals in chained feature calls
  • Fixed invalid execution of local reactions of child states without transitions using parent first execution schema
  • Improved enumeration validation: it now raises only one validation issue for the last invalid enumerator instead for all the enumerators followed by the invalid one.
  • Fixed redundant interface implementation in Java codegenerator
  • Fixed issues regarding ‘.value’ schemantic.
  • Fixed proposal provider for chained feature calls (e.g. enumerator access)
  • Fixed simulation of SCXML statecharts that conatines ‘.value’ expression.
  • Fixed issue regarding Mac Os signing.
  • Added support for Eclipse targets ‘2023-09’.
  • Updated exmaples for C++ reflecting the slightly changed codes and presenting the smart pointer usage.
  • Fixed an issue for target platforms older then '2021-06'
  • Fixed timer service implementation’s order scheduler logic for C and C++.