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itemis CREATE 5.0.0 (Dec 22, 2022)

This is a new major release. The name YAKINDU Statechart Tools (YSCT) will be discontinued and replaced by itemis CREATE. From a functional point of view this release is compatible with previous releases. It is provided as the part of the regular tool maintenance. So no changes apply in regards to license handling.

  • The new name and appearance
    • All visible parts related to the new brand now use the new tool name, application icons, etc.. Also the documentation and welcome page are reworked accordingly.
    • New generator ids were introduced which use the namespace create:: instead of yakindu::. The yakindu:: ids are deprecated but can still be used. So no existing project setups will break.
  • Modeling features were extended
    • Added completion event semantics as defined by the UML specification. So it becomes much easier to process a sequence of state transitions within a single run to completion step.
    • Added triggerWithoutEvent to the API of event driven statecharts. As the name indicates it allows to trigger a run to completion step in the case that no event exists.
    • New abstract statechart types EventDrivenStatemachine and CycleBasedStatemachine can be used as abstract types in multi state machine models.
    • UML state machines can be imported as itemis CREATE statecharts. This is an optional feature
  • New C++11 & C++/Qt code generators
    • C++11 is the new default C++ code generator.
      • Access to named state machine interfaces are now provided by reference instead of pointers for C++11.
      • Removed compiler and linter warnings for genrated C++ code and improved AUTOSAR C++ 18 compliance.
      • Existing code generator congigurations which use the C++98 code generator (default in 4.x versions) will continue generating C++98 code.
      • Smart pointers are supported as an option for the C++11 code generator.
    • C++ for Qt code generator was added to the tool and supports a seamles integration into Qt projects by supporting Qt specific concepts like signals and slots. It is based on the C++11 code generator.
    • Support headless code generation for statechart models created by the itemis CREATE statechart web editor. (generating from .scm files)
  • General code generator maintenance
    • The new generator option generateAllSpecifiedIncludes allows to generate includes for headers which are included but actually not used by the model.this option applies to the C and C++ code generators.
    • Support accessing nested structs for C code generation.
    • Fixed issues with processing C++ namespaces when using Deep-C++ integration.
    • Fixed issues with processing C++ namespaces in combination with enumerations.
    • Fixed issue with namespace handling in Python unit test code generator.
    • Fixed bug in the C observable implementation.
  • UI improvements
    • Test coverage view now inverts display order of covered and uncovered metric values.