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itemis CREATE 5.1.0 (April 24, 2023)

This release contains the following fixes and improvements:

  • Improved validation of choices targeted by sync nodes which are used as forks. In this case the outgoind trasitions of the choiuce must not leave the composite state.
  • Improved documentation mode in statechart editor
    • Enhanced documentation mode to only show documentation if present
    • Fixed issue: Toggle Documentation is disabled after closing and reopening a model
  • Feature: Deep C++ integration now supports smart pointers. Statechart event, variable, and operation declarations can make use of smart pointers.
  • Feature: Allow array acces on internally defined pointers with Deep-C/C++ integration.
  • Features and bugfixes related to timer service implementations
    • For C++ the default timer service implementation and the one used by SCTUnit are now the same. So the implementation for both changed. To generate the new versions you may have to remove the old from the code base as those are only generated if no timer service can be found at the specified location.
    • Added a method to C++ virtual timer service to request the next available time step.
    • Fixed issue: C/C++ timer service does not deactivate fired time events correctly.
    • Fixed issue: Proceeding C(++) timer services should trigger periodic events multiple times.
    • Fixed issue: Timer service is potentially vulnerable to overflows.
    • Fixed issue: Simulated Timer Service does not respect periodic event orders.
  • Fixed issues regarding generating code in multi statemachine scenarios
    • Cannot access identically named orthogonal states from referenced state machines.
    • The C generator ‘StatemachinePrefix’ option is broken in multi statemachine scenarios
  • Other bugfixes:
    • Fixed issue: Headless code generator broken in release 5.0.0
    • Fixed memory leak in C++11 event queue implementation
    • Fixed issue: The C++ generates wrong code id statechart type is used as event payload
    • Fixed issue: Potential clash of struct and class template for C++ subscription classes with Microsoft C++ ABI.
    • Fixed issue: Java statemachine class does not extend base statemachine interface
    • Fixed issue: Java SCTUnit code generator generates into wrong locations/packages
    • Fixed issue: In specific scebaris the interpreter (simulation) drops events from event queue.
    • Fixed issue: events with enumeration payload apply incorrect value type in simulation
    • Fixed issue: ‘New Wizard’ still shows “YAKINDU SCT” instead of "itemis CREATE"