EM3 (1.1.1639)

  • New features
    • YT’s data management layer has been reworked completely. This affects mainly the mechanics and scheduling of how YT loads and updates data for the different data accesses, artifact types and link types. For example, YT now reloads links and artifacts automatically if a document changes. As a consequence, the buttons which triggered a reload of Excel, Enterprise Architect and attribute mapping links have been removed.
  • Improvements
    • Word adapter can be configured to use the font style as a filter, e.g. requirements will be recognized only if style is not strikethrough.
    • Excel adapter can use cell headers for artifact localization, e.g. locate cell where { … column with header „Requirement ID” }.
    • Better usabilty for context menu of YT Explorer. The /[Entf] button now deletes the link from the currently selected artifact to its parent.
    • Better user information if a search does not find any artifacts of a given type, e.g. because the data access had been disabled by the user.
  • Bug fixes
    • A potential inconsistency in the configuration of the Word adapter has been removed. The adapter does no longer accept more that one subset definition if locating bookmarks.