N release (NM5 1.1.1951)

Improved Polarion Adapter

The Polarion adapter is now able to understend the attributes of links between workitems. It is possible to read only relevant links (see example below) and to define custom evaluations based on these attributes, e.g. to create a query which lists all „branchedFrom” workItems together with their origin.

include link if (
	// only consider "verifies" relations
	valueOf(role) == "verfifies"

The help provides a detailed description of the Polarion link type .

„Suspect” marker for Integrity Adapter is now configurable

Just in case you changed the default name of the suspect marker field in PTC Integrity: By configuration, YT can cope with it.

server "ptc.itemis.de"
port 7001
fields for {
	// Define the field name for suspect links count
	suspect count "Name of customized fieldSuspect Count"

Usability Improvements

Better support when analyzing Query Results.

For YT Queries, it was possible to select an artifact or a link between two artifacts by a simple click in the results table.
This feature now also works for aggregation queries (e.g. count the number of failings tests per requirements).

We added a Reset Button to the YT Configuration Editor

You can now easily reset your unsaved changes in the YT Configuration Editor by a simple button click.

Better guidance if configured YT Configuration file does not exist

In some cases, YT was too eager to guess the users expectations regarding the active YT Configuration. For instance, if a user set the preference holding the active configuration to a non-existing file, YT created this file for the user. This lead to confusions.
Now, YT better observes the users behavior and will never create an empty configuration file „under the hood”.

Preview on upcoming features

YT Web based snapshot viewer

Imagine you can explore the traceability status of your project which had just been calculated in the last night with your browser.
In the „N”-Release, we built the foundation for a web-based snapshots viewer. Here are two screenshots of our showcase:

Updated implementation of adapter specific licenses

With the „O” Release (scheduled for Apr. 27th, 2020), we will update the implementation of our license management to better honor adapter-specific licenses.
For existing customers only an update of the license file will be necessary.

Bug Fixes

The DOORS adapter showed unexpected behavior when filtering Enum values with „not equals”.

We made our DOORS adapter more robust when filtering objects based on Enumeration values.

include objects if(
	// true if
	// - multiValuedEnumAttribute = "A,B,D"
	// - multiValuedEnumAttribute = <not set>
	valueOf("multiValuedEnumAttribute") != "C"