GM3 (1.1.1726)

Enterprise Architect adapter supports EA models in Microsoft SQL

The Enterprise Architect (EA) adapter can now access EA models that are stored within Microsoft SQL repositories. It recognizes artifacts and links and can store external links as usual.

IBM DOORS data access is configurable in batch mode

It is now possible to select the IBM DOORS server that the DOORS adapter should use in batch mode on each invocation. The selection is done by providing the address of the DOORS database as an argument to the new -data command line parameter.

New simplified Tracing perspective for YT

This release introduces a new Eclipse perspective for YT, called Tracing. The Tracing perspective focuses on providing YT’s core functionality only. It omits UI elements for the configuration of adapters and also omits most of Eclipse’s general-purpose UI elements. This helps YT users without an Eclipse background and without being involved in creating or maintaining the YT configuration to use YT more efficiently.

The existing YT perspectives have been renamed as part of this change: The former YT Tracing perspective is now called Advanced tracing, while YT Analysis is now simply Analysis.

The new Tracing perspective is the default for new workspaces. However, this change is not applied to any existing workspaces.

Improved dialog for report creation

The report creation dialog has been improved on usability, e.g. it is now easier to remove parameters. Additionally, the visual appearance of coverage reports has been tweaked.

Xtext adapter supports grammar inheritance

The Xtext adapter has been extended such that it can be configured to recognize artifacts based on „inherited” grammar rules. If the grammar of the configured Xtext language includes another grammar by using the with keyword, the rules of this grammar can also be used for finding artifacts.

Additionally, the Xtext adapter now handles some corner cases more consistently.

Wizard for creating new YT configurations

A new wizard has been added to allow for easily creating new YT configurations. You can choose the name and the folder of the configuration file. The wizard can be opened via menu Traceability → Configuration → Add new configuration.

Improved Papyrus adapter

The improved adapter for Eclipse Papyrus supports navigation from YT to artifacts within Papyrus and vice versa.