HM1 (1.1.1735)

More flexible attribute mapping for artifact types

It is now possible to apply string operations ( trim, substringBefore, substringAfter, match, replace) and regular expressions in the name and attribute mapping configuration of artifact types.

Enterprise Architect adapter supports EA models residing in MSSQL database

The EA adapter now is able to read models residing in MSSQL databases.

License management: Support of on-off switch

The YAKINDU license management now supports the (de-)activation of YAKINDU components by means of an on-off switch.

This makes it possible to deactivate YAKINDU Traceability in a running Eclipse instance in order to avoid occupancy of a floating license when you don’t need one.

Bug fixes

Query Language

  • The @join aggregate function is now more robust regarding null values.

  • A performance leak in function “Export query results to Excel” has been fixed.