J release, milestone 3 (JM3 1.1.1826)

YT now supports parameters in the configuration

Imagine you want to re-use the same configuration with only slight adjustments, e.g. analyze the traceability of your project for different releases.

In such cases, the release has to be configured for several data accesses, artifact types or link types. You now don’t need to adjust the ‚release’ specification in all these definitions individually, but you can introduce a parameter. That will have to be adjusted only once, and its new value will be applied everywhere the parameter is used.

Parameters in YT Configuration

Parameters in YT Configuration

Improvements and fixes of the Polarion adapter

  • We improved both performance and memory consumption when reading links from Polarion.
  • It is possible ow to configure YT to read custom fields from Polarion.
    Custom attributes in Polarion
  • YT can be configured to log SQL statements that are sent to Polarion.
  • We fixed a bug regarding the artifact type configuration: YT did not evaluate camel-cased attribute filter criteria such as valueOf(project)=="MyProject" correctly. We now honor case-sensitivity.
  • YT raised an error if an artifact type was configured without any filter criteria. This has been fixed.

The PTC adapter now supports attribute names with commas

The PTC adapter now supports commas in (custom) attribute names. This enables configurations such as the following:

map to "Test" if ("Category" = "Test") {
  "manual result" to "result,manuallyDerived"

Usability improvements

  • Improved guidance in the YT configuration editor: The wizard that enables the creation of link types now gives a clearer warning if a user creates a duplicate link type.
    Warning when creating duplicate link type
  • If the user clicks on the hyperlink in the Validation succeeded dialog, YT does not only open the issues view, but now also closes the dialog.

Validation succeeded dialog

Bug fixes

Fixed an error when propagating (no) selection from Excel to YT

In cases where an Excel file which was not relevant for traceability resided in the YT workspace and this file was opened in Excel, YT needed quite some time to figure out that the selection propagation from Excel to YT was not relevant (because the whole file was not configured to be relevant). This has been fixed.

Improved means to open a query file

In some cases, it was not possible to open a query file using the edit button or the context menu, while it was still possible to open the file by a double-click. We fixed this.

Query file context menu with edit button