I release, milestone 3 (IM3 1.1.1809)

New Bulk link creation editor

We added a new link editor: The Bulk link creation editor facilitates fast link creation by a simple drag-and-drop mechanism.

Bulk link creation editor

In order to find the relevant artifacts in your particular case, the Bulk link creation editor also supports general text filters as well as attribute specific filters which can be defined for particular columns.

DOORS adapter: Alternative data extraction strategy

In order to optimize the performance of DOORS data retrieval of YAKINDU Traceability, we now offer two data extraction strategies

  • all in one run: YT triggers one DXL run which reads all data from DOORS for all artifact types and all link types in one run. This is the established strategy.
  • dedicated run per artifact mapping: YT triggers a dedicated DXL run for each configured artifact mapping. This run extracts all relevant artifacts incl. outgoing links. On one hand, this may slow down the performance of a full raed as link modules may be read multiple times if they contain link sets belonging to multiple artifact types. On the other hand, partial reads are now possible: If you change the YT configuration for one artifact type, only the data of this type is reloaded from DOORS.

YT DOORS preference settings

Background: For larger projects, we ran into situations with the DOORS client stating „Memory exhausted”. It was simply not possible to extract all data in one run. Therefore, we now offer the above option – together with the established option to „always reload DOORS on startup” you can configure the DOORS data extraction strategy to optimal performance with regards to your project size.

Polarion adapter: Support navigation to Polarion

It is now possible to navigate from YAKINDU Traceability to Polarion by means of a doubleclicking the representative of the Polarion work item in YT.
On doubleclick, YT opens the browser with an URL directly pointing to the Polarion work item.
Note: In order to use this feature, you may want to adjust the configuration of the Polarion data access in order to give YT a hint regarding the Polarion base URL.

Polarion URL

Better feedback when creating links by drag-and-drop into editors

We improved the hover feedback when dragging artifacts into text editors or C/C+editors. YT gives now better guidance whether the current cursor position is a valid drop location.

Hover feedback

Changed strategy for description of YT Issues

We changed the pattern of the description of issues which were revealed by YT validations (e.g. suspicious links, missing artifacts).
The old pattern was Artifact + Kind of Issue . This made it hard to seach for issues by kind, especially in cases when only a part of the description was visible. In order to improve the usability in this case, we changed the pattern to Kind of Issue + Artifact

YT Issues text

New query function "unionAll"

In order to overcome potential misunderstandings regarding duplicate elements in unions of query results, we added a new query function unionAll .
As a rule of thump, keep in mind that the following:
- union : duplicates are discarded
- unionAll : duplicates are retained

Bug fixes

YT Configuration Editor: Better synchronization of tabs during edit

It happened that the tabs of the YT Configuration Editor were not synchronized during edits. It required e.g. to steps incl. an intermediate save if you wanted to add a new data access and a new artifact type. THis has been improved, now you can e.g. map an artifact type to a newly created data access even if the configuration without an intermediate save.

Eclipse Explorer adapter: Fixed a bug in selection propagation

Each selection that happened in the Eclipse Explorer was propagated to YAKINDU Traceability.
As a consequence, the selected resources (i.e. files and folders) and their related artifacts had been visualized in YT.
This worked even for those files and folders which were – according to the YT configuration – not relevant for Traceability.
This has been fixed, selections of irrelevant resources are now ignored by YT.