O release, milestone 2 (OM2 1.1.2009)

List of features and bug fixes in this milestone 2 for the O release.

Amuse-bouche from the kitchen

We just implemented a connection to Osseno’s requirements quality validation service. You now can run queries in YT which under the hood trigger this validation.
Quality validation results

Usability improvements

In the YT configuration editor, you now get a warning if you save a new data access with an empty configuration. Before, you had to trigger the validation manually, now it is triggered on save. (Of course, you only get this warning if the configuration is mandatory).

The DOORS adapter is now more robust when reading data that has been read from DOORS before and is cached in YT. If your DOORS cache was written by an older version of YT, it is ignored by newer versions. Instead, the data is read again from DOORS, not from the old cache.

(Minor) Technical improvements

We reduced the memory consumption for the export of query results.

The Rhapsody adapter now can extract the description of model elements.

Bug fixes

DOORS batch mode not stable when doing parallel logins

When the DOORS adapter reads data from DOORS via DOORS' batch mode, YT starts several reads in parallel. The goal is to reduce the time spent for reading DOORS data. Unfortunately, the DOORS login mechanism in this case is buggy – when doing logins to DOORS in parallel, some of them fail. This is a severe bug in DOORS. As a workaround, we added a delay between logins.

Fixes in the YT configuration editor

For the YT configuration editor,

  • we improved the content assist for the configuration of the Enterprise Architect adapter. The EA-built-in attribute ‚version’ was suggested even for model elements which don’t have a version.
  • we now prevent special characters ($,#,ä,..) in parameter names. As these characters are not allowed in some adapter configurations, it was not possible to use parameters that contained them.