EM6 (1.1.1649)

The YT Explorer now supports multi-select and drag and drop

It is now possible to select multiple artifacts in the YT Explorer at once and to drag and drop the whole selection directly into the YT Editor. You may select ranges of artifacts (by means of the [SHIFT] key) or more distributed artifacts (by means of the [CTRL] key)

YT visualizes the attributes of artifacts in the YT Explorer

You may already know the hover showing the attributes of a trace artifact in the YT Overview. This has been applied to YT Explorer as well.

Bug fixes

DOORS adapter

We fixed several minor bugs regarding the connection of YT and DOORS, e.g. that the selection from DOORS to YT has not been propagated if DOORS had been closed and re-opened while YT was running. We also tweaked the generator that creates – based on the YT configuration – the DXL script which extracts the relevant data from DOORS. Time and memory consumption have been reduced by about five percent. Not that much; but it’s noticeable as YT is used in projects with more than 80,000 DOORS objects.

YT Editor

We fixed a bug in the YT Editor where the Set As A and Set As B buttons were sometimes deactivated for no reason.