O release, milestone 3 (OM3 1.1.2013)

List of features and bug fixes in this milestone 3 for the O release.

Improvements of YT Overview

We improved the rendering of nodes in the YT Overview. We now highlight the selected note a little bit clearer.

New highlighting in YT Overview

Improvements of query language

The query language now supports a variable number of arguments for set functions. You now can, e.g. build a union of query results for any number of queries.
Here’s an example for a union of three queries:

Example for set functions with more than two arguments

Improvements of DOORS NG adapter

  • YT is now more robust regarding missing attributes: If you specify for an artifact type to read attributes which do not exist, YT populates these attributes with an „undefined attribute value”. You can specify this value in the configuration of the data access:

Definition of undefined attribute value

  • We fixed the mapping of DOORS' status attribute: YT now reads a status of, e.g. Optional[Approved] as „Approved” (and no longer as „Optional[Approved]”).

Improvements of YT configuration editor

  • YT now supports braces in string expressions for mappings. Here’s an example:

Example for string expression with braces

  • If you choose to „reset” your edits for a YT configuration file, YT triggers a new validation of the YT configuration.
    This keeps the error markers in sync with the actual status of the file on your disk.
  • For query-inferred link types, we improved the auto-completion for the query definition editor:
    The suggestions now come from the file „under edit” - even if this is not the active YT configuration file.

Bug fixes

Fixed handling of DOORS preferences

We changed the behavior of YT when ticking the „Always reload DOORS artifacts on startup” option:

  • If you change Always reload DOORS artifacts from No to Yes: This triggers a reload.
  • If you change Always reload DOORS artifacts from Yes to No: This doesn’t trigger a reload. Of course, you can trigger a reload manually at any time.

Better exception handling in batch/command line mode

In case of out of memory errors, the YT batch/command line mode now terminates immediately and signals a failure.

Removed potential performance leak in UI

We reduced the priority of the YT wait cursor animation (i.e., the animated YT logo). In some cases, this animation slowed down the user interface too much.

Fixed a bug in snapshot comparisons for long attribute values

There was a bug in the YT delta report which lists differences in two YT-Snapshots: The report couldn’t be rendered in Excel if a „delta” of an attribute value was longer than 32,767 characters. We now trim values which are too long.

Fix in Serna editor

YT could not open files in Serna if there were whitespaces in the file name or anywhere else in the file’s path. We fixed this.