L release, milestone 3 (LM3 1.1.1913)

Values in configuration parameters are now decoded similar to strings.

It is now possible to copy an expression from the configuration directly to a parameter without the need to escape any characters.

Added help section on how to enable the welcome page under Linux.

In order to display the welcome page on a Linux system, it is sometimes necessary to install third party libraries. We added a section on how to do the necessary installation to the user documentation.

The preference dialog will now open on the YAKINDU Traceability page by default.

When opening the preferences, the YAKINDU Traceability preference page is selected as a default, instead of the „General” page.

Bug Fixes

Update the PTC adapter to use the latest mksapi.jar

The PTC adapter now uses the latest version of mksapi.jar.

PTC update on configuration change

Under certain conditions, the PTC adapter did not invalidate its cache when the data access configuration was changed.

YT start up performance leak fixed

There was an issue that under certain circumstances created a large number of threads during YT startup. This has been fixed.

‚Delete all links’ confirmation dialog also contained links that can not be deleted

There was an issue that caused read-only (locked) links to show up in the „delete all links” confirmation dialog, after selecting „delete all” via context menu.

Adapter DOORS – Links were not evaluated correctly for links across baselines

Links that point from one baseline to a previous baseline were mistakenly considered as links within the same baseline. This can lead to additional links.

Adapter Text – Links were sometimes considered twice when the search pattern contained white spaces

Under some circumstances it was possible that the text adapter extracted links as duplicates when the search pattern contained white spaces.