M release, milestone 2 (MM2 1.1.1926)

Link Coverage in Configuration Overview

We extended our new Configuration Overview (a YT Plus feature) to show coverage indicators on link types that display the coverage percentages and visualize them as colored bars.

Configuration Overview with coverage indicators

Coverage is computed for each link type for both directions. Since every arrow represents one link type, there are two bars on each of them. The bar closer to a given artifact type shows which percentage of its artifacts is linked to at least one artifact of the other artifact type that is involved in the given link type.

Configuration Overview with details about coverage

You can see the actual numbers of linked versus total artifacts for a link type by clicking on the arrow representing it. In this example, three of the eleven „Software architecture” artifacts are linked to a „Software integration test specification”, resulting in a coverage of 27%.

Adapter improvements

Xtext adapter can read artifacts from the index

To improve the performance of our Xtext adapter in certain usage scenarios, we added the option to read artifacts directly from the Xtext index, instead of always parsing the actual files. However, the adapter up to now only supported rule-based filtering of artifacts, for which the Xtext index does not provide enough information. Therefore, we extended the configuration language to also support filtering artifacts by their EClass (i.e., their type).

DOORS performance tuning

We found some ways to improve the performance of our DOORS adapter.

Bug Fixes

In some cases, the DOORS adapter did not find all links in the specified baseline.