M release, milestone 1 (MM1 1.1.1922)

Configuration Overview

As latest YT Plus feature, we added a new interactive Configuration Overview.

Side note: The YT Plus approach comprises some experimental preview/early access features. If you are curious, you are welcome to try them out – so is your feedback. You can activate the new features in the YT preferences.

Adapter improvements

Load DOORS data from cache – even if DOORS is not available

In situations where you already extracted DOORS data before and your DOORS client is not available, YT loads the cached data without starting the DOORS client.

Improvements in configuration of Enterprise Architect adapter

The artifact type configuration of the EA adapter has been improved. It is now possible to assign a custom name and to access built-in attributes like „name”, „metatype”, etc. Of course, you can still access tagged values.

Selection propagation to PTC Integrity

The user can now decide whether he wants to use PTC Integrity’s web application or the client application when navigating to these artifacts. Just set your preference.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug regarding looong matches in MS Word

We had a problem when we tried to select and reveal engineering artifacts in Word when the text match was larger than 255 characters. Word did not let us. We found a workaround.

Fixed a bug during data extraction

In the batch/CLI mode, the data extraction was not robust with regards to special data constellations, namely if a link type attribute – as specified in the YT configuration – was not set. We fixed this.