F-Release (FM5 1.1.1715)

Update of license management

The YT licensing now supports LMX-based licenses which means that both file-based licenses and floating licenses are possible.

Please note that the established Flex licensing is still supported. However, a hybrid approach of Flex and LMX is not possible. The consequence affects customers who want to switch from Flex to LMX „now” in order to switch from file-based licenses to floating licenses „tomorrow”: As LMX does not honor existing Flex licenses, the latter have to be replaced/migrated. Please contact us in such cases.

Improvements of YT configuration editor

Live validation of configuration in mapping area

Live validation (i.e., validation during edit) of text in the mapping area for data access, artifact types and link types is now triggered more often (e.g. if one adds an attribute) so that the error markers are better up-to-date.

The deactivation of a data access doesn’t affect the dirty state of the configuration

If the YT configuration editor is open while YT deactivates a data access, e.g. due to some invalid configuration, the Active checkbox had been consequently unticked, which was interpreted as a configuration change. As a consequence, the editor suggested to save the configuration. This holds no longer true, such changes don’t require a save.

Better usability for quick fixes

It is now possible to navigate from the error details dialog to the quickfix menu directly.

Query-based attribute mapping notifies about runtime errors

If a query-based attribute mapping has been defined utilizing a query that does not provide artifacts that should be linked (e.g. it provided strings instead), YT reports an appropriate error message during runtime.

Attribute mapping now supports metadata

Similar to configuration means of link types mapped to the CDT adpater, it is now possible to consider metadata such as file name or identifier when defining attribute mappings.

Improvements of the DOORS adapter

Login to DOORS is cancelled on restart of YT

YT now stops the waiting for a DOORS login if restarted (and most likely starts a new wait process).

Offer means to waive the DOORS cache (always load DOORS data)

YT offers a preference to waive the DOORS cache. This may be suitable for smaller projects which therefore can be more up-to-date.

Excel data are updated on close of an Excel file

Until now, YT only updated data from Excel if the underlying Excel file had been saved. The following sequence led to wrong trace data:

  1. Open Excel.
  2. Create a link that is stored in Excel.
  3. Close Excel without saving.

Before the fix, the „reflection” of the link that had not been saved in Excel survived in YT’s trace data until the Excel file was reloaded. Now, the file is reloaded automatically.

Microsoft Word adapter is now more robust when reading large files

The Microsoft Word adapter ran into a timeout when reading large files. Now the timeout is ignored. However, the user has the chance to cancel the reading operation manually via the progress bar. Reading a Word document comprising 7,700 pages and two million words takes about three minutes.

Bug fixes

Fixed a bug with DOORS artifact types having more that one mapping configuration

With the preceding release, we introduced a regression affecting the assignment of DOORS attributes to artifacts if an artifact type had more than one mapping: The belonging of an artifact to a mapping was not calculated correctly. This regression had been fixed.

Removed redundancy of the adapter for files and folders (Eclipse Explorer)

The artifacts are shown in the search dialog hierarchically and less redundant.