N release, milestone 3 (NM3 1.1.1947)

We introduced private queries

When specifying more sophisticated queries to analyze your trace data, you might want to utilize sub-queries which are aggregated by a master query.
For the user, the only relevant query is actually the master query. We added a new keyword private as a flag for sub-queries.
Private queries won’t be presented to the user in order to execute them. In addition, they produce no output in batch/command line mode.

Private Queries

Improved navigation to PTC Integrity items

With YT, one can navigate to PTC items either in the „native” PTC client application or the web application.
For users who chose the „native” PTC client as navigation target, YT showed the items in standalone mode, i.e. without context. Now, YT opens the items „within their context/container” (e.g. a document).

Improved documentation of regular expressions for PDF / Text / Word Adapter

We utilizes regular expressions for data extraction rules. Imagine a text structure such as

REQ 001 lorem ipsum
REQ 002 some really long text
        covering multiple lines
REQ 003 more lorem ipsum

and you want to specify an extraction rule such "from REQ until next REQ"
As several users requested exactly this from our support team, we documented how to do just that .

Bug Fixes

No PTC Integrity login needed when viewing a snapshot

If a snapshot contained requirements (or other itemis) from PTC Integrity, YT asked for the login credentials during the load of the snapshot.
Since the login is not necessary, we removed this question.