M release (MM5 1.1.1934)

YT Plus – We want to involve our users in the definition of upcoming features of YAKINDU Traceability

We want to provide more features which are beneficial for you – and we want to provide these benefits in the form of YT Plus features. In this post, you may read more about YT Plus .

To be most helpful to you, we are really interested in your needs and wishes. Therefore, we now offer a preview on the first YT Plus features, namely:

YT Project Summary

The YT Project Summary provides an overview of your project’s artifacts, coverage metrics, as well as even navigation to any work product within your project.

For those of you who know this view already from a prior milestone release and know the YT Configuration Overview: We eventually named it Project Summary. The name is a better fit.

YT Search

With the YT Search, you search the work items (such as requirements, test cases, model elements, software units, …) in a google-like manner.

Improvements of the DOORS NG adapter

Credentials are stored in secure store

You no longer must provide the DOORS NG credentials in the form of plain text as part of the YT configuration. Instead, YT now prompts you on first access for the credentials and stores them in the so-called secure store.

DOORS NG prompt

If you run YT in command line mode, you also may provide the credentials as Java System properties


Improved Artifact Type configuration

The filtering of artifacts in Artifact Type Config in addition to == and !=, now supports the
keywords in, !in, contains, and !contains. Multiple constraints can be added separated by

DOORS NG configuration

In addition, custom attributes can now be filtered like any other attributes by specifying them in double
quotes with any of the constraint keywords. The keyword customField has been removed. For your convenience, the content assist of the configuration editor now retrieves the list of attributes of DOORS NG’s meta model and suggests them once triggered by CTRL+SPACE.