GM2 (1.1.1722)

Improved performance of the CDT adapter with regards to large projects

YT does no longer rely on the CDT index when analyzing C/C++ files. This change carries the risk that the analysis of small C/C++ projects consumes a little bit of extra time, but it will decrease the time for larger C/C++ projects significantly.

Excel adapter can access template files

The Excel adapter is now able to access template files (filename extensions .xlt, .xltx, and .xltm).

PTC Integrity adapter with improved usability

We improved the usability of the PTC Integrity adapter in two aspects:

  • If the PTC-provided file mksapi.jar, which is necessary to connect to PTC Integrity, is not installed in YT, the user is now notified only once, and no longer obtrusively.
  • The representation of the document structure, i.e., the order of items, is now the same in YT as it is in PTC Integrity.

YT configuration editor with improved usability

We improved the usability of the configuration editor as follows:

  • When configuring the IBM DOORS data access, YT might request project information and baseline information from DOORS in order to provide smart proposals. The maximum waiting time for a response from DOORS has been changed from five minutes to five seconds, which is more suitable during configuration.
  • We added templates for the configuration of all adapters and we improved/overhauled existing templates.

YT editor improvements

  • For artifacts with a lot of attributes configured, the Artifact Search dialogue was slow when changing the layout of the results table (column order, column size). This has been improved.
  • The editor is now more strict when trying to edit a link to an artifact which was deleted after link creation: The deletion is possible, but the link cannot be adjusted.

Improved usability of YT TCP server preference setting

YT has a built-in TCP server to support remote procedure calls. The preference setting that is controlling whether the TCP server is enabled or disabled, is now labeled Enable instead of Not disable, which is easier to comprehend.

YT query language

We added means to close multiple query results tabs at the same time, so that you can easier control how many query results should be visible in parallel.

Bug fixes

IBM DOORS adapter honors Module.valueOf("AttributeName") within configuration of artifact names

Module.valueOf("AttributeName") expressions now not only work in the attribute mapping section, but also in the name section of a DOORS artifact type configuration.

IBM DOORS adapter: regression with undefined attribute value

We fixed a regression bug: The undefined attribute value configured in the IBM DOORS data access was not honored.

Microsoft Word adapter now supports selection propagation for large files

The selection propagation from YT to Microsoft Word did not work if YT was configured to recognize a large number of headings in a Word document. This has been fixed.