J release, milestone 2 (JM2 1.1.1821)

Improvements to the IBM DOORS adapter

  • In case of the multi-project mode, YT now supports a white list of project names in the configuration of the DOORS data access.
    DOORS multi project whitelist
  • Similar to the configuration of the objects that should be read from DOORS, it is now possible to configure the link modules to be considered by YT.
    DOORS link module filter

Performance improvement for Excel

We improved the performance of the selection propagation from Excel to YT.

Similar to the YT editor, the bulk link creation editor now warns the user if it is about to create duplicate links.

Warning duplicate links

Bug fixes

YT now saves C/C++ files after link creation

If the user creates links to/from C/C++ by means of dragging-and-dropping into the C editor, YT saves the C source file. The file does no longer remain „dirty” in the editor.

Avoiding warnings in the Serna editor

In some cases, the Serna plugin shipped with YAKINDU Traceability tried to disconnect Serna from YT, even if no connection had been established yet. This lead to an annoying exception notification, which popped up in Serna. We fixed this.