O release, milestone 1 (OM1 1.1.2005)

List of features and bug fixes in this milestone.

YT Favorites update

The YT Favorites view is updated while the model changes. No manual update is required anymore and the available actions are enabled.

Support for new Rhapsody file format (rpyx)

The Rhapsody adapter can read also models stored in the new format (rpyx, sbsx, cmpx) introduced with Rhapsody 8.3. After configuring the data access to read a project file with rpyx file extension, the artifact and link configuration can be the same as for the old format. Even mixed models with files in both formats can be read.

Support merged cells in Excel

YT now supports access to merged cells via the valueOf keyword. When Excel cells are merged, they share one common value. Whenever valueOf references an individual cell that has been merged with other cells, the Excel adapter will read the common value of the merged cells.

The category can be extracted for each test case. It will be „Non-functional” for all three test cases T102.2, T103.2, and T104.2.

Bug fixes

Stability and performance of project overview and search

The delay before updating the data used for the project overview and the search is reduced for incremental changes.
Rare UI freezes while displaying the project configuration graph were fixed.

Better error reporting on broken snapshots

If a snapshot can’t be loaded, an error is reported and the batch export fails.

Fixed tracesFromTo

The source function tracesFromTo of the query language had a bug in calculating traces in cases where an artifact was part of both the source and the target.