J release (JM5 1.1.1831)

Better layout of user preferences views

The structure of the user preference views has been improved.

YT user preferences

Several layout adjustments

We did several (minor) layout adjustments, namely

  • The location of the console view in the YT tracing perspective
  • The location of the YT issues view in the YT configuration perspective
  • If the user decides to SetUp workspace on the welcome page, YT now opens the configuration perspective.
  • The layout of the artifact search dialog is no longer broken in cases of long artifact type names.
  • The user cannot open the YT snapshot list, if the application is not in snapshot mode.

Bug fixes

Suspicious validation did not work in cases of huge attribute deltas

In cases of attribute deltas which were larger than 65,000 characters (imagine, e.g. a requirement which needs ~10 pages of specification), YT had a bug when notifying the user about the suspicious artifact. We fixed this.