G-Release (GM5 1.1.1734)

Snapshots and change reports

A snapshot is a „frozen copy” of the current state of your traceability data. As a new feature, YT supports

  • the creation of snapshots.
  • exploration of a the snapshot.
  • the creation of delta reports listing the differences of two snapshots or of a snapshot and the „current” state of your traceability data.

Read more details about snapshots of trace data in our blog in the YT help.

Improvement of the query language

We added several improvements to the query language:

  • We improved the usability of the edit proposals; they are now more helpful.
  • We added a new aggregate function @join which allows you to „flatten” lists
  • The export of query results to MS Excel adjusts the column size and adds and activates Excel’s auto filter by default.

For XML data sources, the DTD validation can now be deactivated by configuration

In cases where the DTD during the analysis of XML files is not available in the YT workspace, it is now possible to deactivate the DTD validation.

In the YT Configuration Editor, it is no longer possible to set a data access mapping with the mouse wheel

There where several cases when the data access mapping was changed unintentionally when turning the mouse wheel.
Therefore we ignore the mouse wheel in the context of the data access combo box.

Bug fixes

DOORS adapter: Fixed a bug in the evaluation of system attributes

When defining include .. if filters that use system attributes such as level or path , YT did in some cases not recognize all DOORS objects. This has been fixed.

CDT adapter supports hpp files

The CDT adapter now recognizes c, h, cpp and hpp files.

Query Language: Fixed a bug when evaluation null or empty values

In some cases, the query language did not evaluate empty or null values correctly.
We fixed this and improved the query functionality:

  • where(AttributeValue("<attribute_name>") == null) is true if the attribute is null
  • where(AttributeValue("<attribute_name>") == "") is true if the attribute is null or empty