HM2 (1.1.1739)

New Text File adapter

We created a new Text File adapter. It replaces the existing one, which was rarely used.

The new adapter is able to recognize artifacts based on regular expressions and to a populate artifact attributes with the values of the groups defined in the corresponding regular expression.

„Drag and drop” support when linking into C/C++ source code

YT now supports drag and drop of artifacts (e.g. requirements) into source code. Dropping an artifact results in a comment storing the link information. This requires such links to be defined in the YT configuration.

Decoration of Matlab Simulink and Stateflows

When linking to Matlab Simulink or Stateflows, YT now „decorates” blocks or states with a YAKINDU icon if traceability links exist.

A click on the decoration offers a pop-up menu, providing support for the navigation to the linked artifacts. In other words: You can navigate, e.g. from a Simulink block to a linked requirement (let say, to DOORS) directly.

Selection propagation from/to Enterprise Architect in database mode

YT is able to read Enterprise Architect models stored in .eap files or in relational databases. In the latter case, the selection propagation between Enterprise Architect and YAKINDU Traceability has been implemented.

Exporting query results as CSV files

It is now possible to export query results not only to Excel files, but also in the CSV format.

Improvements of artifact search dialog

  • Hitting [Enter] when specifying a search term does no longer close the dialog. It simply has no effect.
  • The search terms entered by the user have always been interpreted as regular expressions, which in some cases produced unexpected results. Now, the user has the option of either using full text search (the default) or a search based on regular expressions.

The XML adapter is now able to populate artifacts with metadata

It is now not only possible to populate artifacts extracted from XML files with data read from XML, but also with metadata, such as the name of the XML file.

Better information when YAKINDU Traceability is inactive

The information about the status of an inactive YT has been improved. YT informs the user better if, e.g. a license is missing or no active configuration is set or if it is simply just starting up.

Improved performance when linking PTC Integrity artifacts

The performance of the „remote control” plug-ins for PTC Integrity, which ease the creation of links from/to PTC Integrity items, has been improved.

Bug fixes

DOORS adapter: Work-around closing DOORS accidently

In some cases, IBM DOORS decided to shut down if YAKINDU Traceability cut the connection to DOORS (e.g. because of a restart). The handling of such cases has been improved.