L release, milestone 5 (LM5 1.1.1917)

YT Search view

In this release, a new search view is available, which supports search term suggestions and search for combined attribute values.
YT Search

Improved multi-file support in Rhapsody adapter

The Rational Rhapsody adapter is able to read models where subsystems are stored in separate files in the project folder. It can also extract links.

For collaboration, it is possible to store subsystems of a project in separate files in the project folder of Rhapsody. This allows different people to concurrently change these documents and to collect these changes in a source code management system without the need to merge conflicting changes in the same file. The adapter is aware of these files and can read artifacts and links.

Support XML resources from URI

The XML Adapter supports fetching artifacts from remote URIs in addition to local files. Instead of the resource keyword, the resourceURI can be defined in the data access. You may also use both keywords in the same data access definition.


Module properties are accessed less often and the launcher for the DOORS client can be configured.

Checking the module properties can lead to higher memory consumption and slow performance of the DOORS client. To avoid accessing the properties, they are only read after other constraints, like „name” or „fullName”, have been matched.

For use cases where the client has to be launched with different databases, it is possible to define a launcher:../user-guide/adapters.html#ibm_doors_adapter_client_launcher in the workspace preferences. This executable is called when YT finds no running DOORS client. It is responsible for starting the client with the required parameters.

Reduced memory requirements for adapters Excel and XML

The way how files are processed and links are extracted was optimized behind the scenes to load data with less memory consumption. As a side effect, the progress shows which file is currently processed and gives a hint where the time is spent.

Bug Fixes

Stabilized batch data extract

Under some circumstances, like heavy load in combination with Mylyn or query-based links, the data extract failed with 'No TVM was provided until timeout'.

Support for DOORS NG improved

The requirements for projects in DOORS NG were reduced. Projects without explicit configuration or description can be loaded.