O release, release version (milestone 5 – OM5 1.1.2017)

List of features and bug fixes in this milestone 5 for the O release.

We created a guide that helps you do your first steps with YAKINDU Traceability.

We created a series on introduction videos and a study guide for you, which will make your first steps (maybe a few more) with YAKINDU Traceability easier: "How to quickstart YAKINDU Traceability".

Usability Improvements

Renamed example report

YAKINDU Traceability integrates the reporting engine BIRT. We renamed the example report that is shipped together with YT to „Coverage for all links”.

The „New Configuration” wizard suggests project and folder

If triggered from a folder in the Project Explorer, the Add new configuration wizard populates Project/Folder for you.

Bug Fixes

Support navigation to PTC Integrity from Quick-Fix dialog

If a user wants to navigate to a PTC Integrity item from a Quick-Fix dialog (e.g. to analyze a suspicious link), YT raised the error of „Cannot find element”.
We fixed this, navigation works as expected.

Fixed a bug when opening snapshots per drag and drop

A user can easily analyze YT snapshots that are provided as file – e.g. from another colleague. One possibility to open a snapshot is to drag-and-drop from the folder on your disk into the YT snapshot list. This did not work if there were whitespace characters in the file path. We fixed this.

Fixed and unified log statements

We fixed and unified some log messages which may be helpful when analyzing a CLI/batch run of YT, namely:

  • The projects in the workspace were not all reported in some cases, now it is accurate.
  • We log the number of found resource (e.g. the number of Excel-Files for the Excel adapter or the number of modules for the DOORS adapter) per Data Access Definition.