L release, milestone 2 (LM2 1.1.1909)

Improved IBM Rhapsody adapter

The adapter can read attributes for artifacts and read links based on relations (Generalization, Association) and the containment of elements.

Bug Fixes

Enterprise Architect can distinguish elements with the same name in one container

In Enterprise Architect it is possible to create several elements, for example classes, with the same name in the same package. YT now takes this into account and will derive one artifact for every element, even if they are only different in their GUID (Globally Unique identifier). This is also considered when constructing the hierarchy of artifacts in YT, i.e, child elements will be inserted into the correct position.

Integrity content assist proposals include more fields

Integrity’s im fields command does not always return all available fields. Now we propose also fields which are not returned by this command, but are known to be available on the given item types. We also fixed a problem with reference cycles of Integrity items while loading the document structure.

Batch mode waits for query-based link extraction

Under some circumstances, the batch mode did not wait for the latest update of the query-based link extraction and failed because data was changed while exporting. Now the data export will wait until all links have been loaded.