K release, milestone 3 (KM3 1.1.1846)

We changed the Eclipse platform

Please note: YAKINDU Traceability has moved from Eclipse Luna to Eclipse Oxygen.
When migrating from KM1/KM2 to KM3 or from any YT version to K, we strongly recommend to not use the built-in update mechanism (i.e. Help > Check for updates), but to replace your existing YT by unzipping a new YT Distro.

Improved DOORS adapter’s data extraction mechanism

We implemented a new strategy of how YT extracts data from DOORS. Main driver for this implementation was the DOORS memory consumption during the YT data extraction. Instead of extracting „as much data as possible” in one DXL run, we now use a split strategy: We run several DXL scripts and collect/unify the results in YT itself. As a side effect, the performance of the data extraction has been improved.
As we didn’t change anything regarding the YT configuration, there is no need for you to adjust it. The only effect that is visible to a user is that we removed YT preference whether to load DOORS data to multi files/one single file, as multi file is the only option now.

By the way, we are now extracting / preserving line breaks that exist in DOORS attributes (e.g. within the text of a requirement)

Usability Improvements

We overhauled the YT menu structures

For the YT perspectives (YT Tracing, YT Configuration, YT Analysis), we overhauled the menu structures by removing entries which were not relevant.

We also added a menu item to directly switch the „current” YT configuration.

The Error Details dialog closes after fixing the last error

Imagine that YT revealed some suspicious link validation issues and you are in the process of fixing them one by one.
You will probably open the „Error Details” dialog, iterate over the issues and trigger the fixes. Once you applied the fix of the very last error, the Error Dialog now closes automatically.

Bug Fixes

„Export Queries” is now more robust

  • It is now possible to append YT queries to any Excel file format. Before, it was restricted to xls and xlsx.
  • In some cases, it was not possible to export query results containing empty cell representing ‚null’ values to Excel. We fixed this.

It is now possible to open YT configurations files residing outside your workspace

Until now, it was not possible to open a YT configuration file residing not in your workspace. Now, you can simply use File > Open and choose the desired yt file.

Suspicious Validation failed for links stored in Excel

The suspicious validation failed if

  • links were stored in Excel
  • the link had attributes configured which are also to be stored in Excel
  • the link cardinality is exactly 1
  • one of these attributes was empty.

We fixed this!

Polarion adapter support custom fields with whitespace

YT failed to extract data from polarion if you configured custom fields with names containing whitespace characters,
e.g. include objects if( customField ("code Freeze Date")=="" ) .
Now, you can extract the code Freeze Date (and any other custom field holding whitespaces).