U release (UM5 1.1.2218)


Configuration Editor

The configuration editor supports exporting the current parameter values to a properties file. This file can be used to import the properties or run the batch mode with them.

In addition a validation avoids duplicate names of parameters, classifications, categories and roles.

Query Language – New filter support for tracesFromTo query function

Two new functions were added to increase the flexibility and capability of tracesFromTo. Within the corresponding where clause it is now possible to use containsArtifactType and containsLinkType to only consider
traces that either include a certain artifact type or link type. See a detailed description here

Database Export – Support for long resource names

YAKINDU Traceability supports the export of traceability information to SQL Databases. The support for very long resource names was improved.

Doors Next – Performance improvements

The loading performance for artifacts and links was improved. Depending on the data structure and network connection speed, users can expect a reduction of loading times up to 50%.

Enterprise Architect Adapter

All tagged values are read and also notes are available for attribute mappings.

Attributes and tagged values of the parent element can be used to configure the artifact types.

Excel Adapter

New filtering functionality in the excel adapter artifact type allows to include cell if additional constraints matches.



Under some circumstances doors objects were extracted based on the default view of the exporting user. If the doors client is used to fetch data the current view of open modules was used.

Batch mode

For small configurations or specific combination of adapters the batch mode got stuck after reading the data and terminates with an error after timeout.

When the batch mode was aborted because of validation errors the reporting message is improved.

Model Viewer – direct navigation to native artifacts

The direct navigation from YAKINDU Modelviewer to linked artifacts now works as expected.

CSV export – malformed file output

When exporting grouped query results to CSV there was an issue that produced additional lines and additional columns start-id and end-id fields. Those columns are removed and the result rows are equal to the grouped results of the query.

PTC Integrity – Error handling during validation

The error handling during validation was improved. When the validation is executed in batch mode and an exceptions occurs, the batch run is properly aborted.

Intland Codebeamer – Error handling

When configuring the Codebeamer adapter during a connection loss, using the content assist caused an error.

IBM Doors – Error handling

After successfully loading data from Doors, in some cases an error was reported when the connection was closed.