J release, milestone 1 (JM1 1.1.1817)

Improvements to the Mylyn adapter

The Mylyn adapter can now read custom attributes

Mylyn is the task and application lifecycle management (ALM) framework for Eclipse and comes with dozens of extensions, integrating Mylyn with ALM and developer collaboration tools. We enhanced our Mylyn adapter to not only support the built-in Mylyn attributes, but to also support custom attributes of the specific Mylyn extension. If one uses Mylyn to, e.g. trace to Jira issues, YT is not only able to read the attributes of the Mylyn representation of Jira issues (which is a subset of all Jira attributes), but to also read all additional Jira attributes.


The Mylyn settings can be applied in batch mode

Imagine you configured Mylyn to extract tasks from an issue tracker which are relevant for traceability. Mylyn stores these pieces of information locally. In order to share such configurations among your team, Mylyn provides means to export and import them. It even updates the surrogates of the tasks that have been extracted.

YT is now able to import Mylyn configurations in batch mode – and even to trigger the live data synchronisation during batch runs.


Performance tuning for reports: YT attribute mapping now supports propagation of attributes from linked artifacts to the link itself

In order to improve the performance of generating reports and to ease the specification of custom queries, it is now possible to populate derived links with attributes of the linked artifacts. The goal of that approach is to feed the reporting engine with a list of links and to avoid the need to instantiate the linked artifacts during data analysis.


New default report "Link coverage"

We added a new report illustrating the capabilities of the built-in reporting engine. The report lists ratios of source coverage and target coverage for each link type defined in the YT configuration.