I release (IM5 1.1.1813)

Tracing perspective adjusted

The new bulk link creation editor provides search and filter mechanisms, which are especially designed for occasional users, e.g. filters similar to Excel’s auto filter. Thus we replaced the YT Query view by the bulk link creation editor. And, by the way: If you want to enlarge a view – for instance the bulk link creation editor – you can do this by a simple double-click on the view’s tab. Double-click on it again, and the view’s size is restored to its former dimensions.


Progress bars no longer stalling

The progress reported by YAKINDU Traceability when reading data, namely from DOORS and Excel, was in some cases not accurate. In fact, YT’s progress bar stalled at some points during the data load. We made this more accurate.

Better user guidance in the configuration editor

We improved the user guidance especially for setting up new configurations, i.e. if data access, artifact type, or link type are not yet specified.

Better guidance on empty tabs

Deleting a link now requires a confirmation

In order to prevent accidental deletions, deleting a link using the [DEL] key now requires an explicit confirmation.


Excel link storage now escapes the separator character

With YT, you can store link informations invasively in Microsoft Excel. If YT stores two or more links for the same Excel artifact, the information in the Excel cell is separated by the pipe symbol ( |). Any pipe symbol within the link information itself is now escaped by a backslash, i.e. ( \|).

Bug fixes

Fixed a bug regarding updates of the YT Issues view

Under certain circumstances, the YT Issues view was not updated after doing a validation. To be more precise, this happened if the validation was triggered while both YT Issues view and configuration editor were open, and the YT Issues view was emtpy. We fixed this.